If we assume that each follower costs an average of $6, we can estimate that the value of an average 50K Instagram account is approximately $150,000. Here you can see the total number of views of comments, saves, and shares, and the video’s reach. Awario app is an excellent tool for finding accounts to add to your Twitter List. It doesn’t appear that there is any significant search benefit which is why many bloggers make use of the alt text so often; however, accessibility features are sufficient to make it worthwhile to make use of these features. These are all cosmetic changes to the interface that include new icons, buttons, and tabs.

Keep an eye on the site to see if there are any changes. We’ll inform you when we have more information. Alternative text descriptions are as they sound: you put the description of what’s happening in the video or image in a designated spot. Screen readers users will be able to read the text to them, giving them the context of the image, even if they struggle to read it. I will then go back and see those who liked my content by going to People who like your profile photos, Find similarities between our accounts, likigram.com and then contact them by commenting or following them.

The appearance of Instagram personal and business profiles is also changing with updated layouts. A fun tip is to check out what the “Shop” tab will appear like if you don’t yet have it in the third photo to the right that lets users browse an exclusive feed of available posts for purchase. Visually plan your posts. The plans to purchase Facebook followers start at $12 and $18, respectively. One example is the “mutual followers” option. This allows you to determine how many followers you have in common as you do with Facebook friends. This feature allows users to see which friends follow their profiles. This is an excellent option for brands and marketers as it allows them to use social proof.