RXK Capital is a cyber insurance firm that has seen strong growth in recent years. They offer both traditional and cyber insurance products, and have recently increased their focus on cyber insurance. In this article, we’ll learn more about what makes RXK Capital a top choice for cyber insurance, as well as some of the unique features they offer.

RXK Capital Announces $Million in Cyber Insurance

RXK Capital, a venture capital firm investing in cyber insurance startups, announced Tuesday that it has raised $million in a Series A funding round. The investment comes from new and existing investors including Balderton Capital and Index Ventures. According to the company, the investment will be used to fuel its growth in the cyber insurance market. RXK Capital is known for being an early mover in the space, having invested in such companies as Cyberark and ThreatMetrix earlier this year. The cyber insurance industry is expected to grow by 20 percent each year through 2020, according to Forrester Research. The main drivers of this growth are increased cyber attacks and increased awareness of cyber security risks. RXK Capital CEO Patrick Healy said that the company’s investment will help drive innovation in the cyber insurance space by supporting new products and services. “We are excited to see how our investments in early-stage companies will shape the future of cybersecurity,” Healy said in a statement.

RXK Capital to Offer Cyber Insurance Policies to Startups and Small Businesses

RXK Capital, a venture capital firm focused on the digital economy, is expanding its cyber insurance offerings to startups and small businesses. The company said that it will offer policies that cover losses from data breaches, online fraud, and other types of cyber attacks. RXK Capital joins a number of other insurers that are offering similar coverage to small businesses.

RXK Capital Expands Availability of Cyber Security Products

RXK Capital is expanding its availability of cyber security products by announcing the addition of a new product line: RXK Cyber Insurance. This new product will help businesses protect themselves against cyber attacks and data breaches, and it will also cover damages caused by ransomware. RXK Cyber Insurance is designed to provide businesses with the coverage they need to protect their data and assets from a wide range of threats.