Social Media has taken over the world. Not one day goes by where you don’t log onto Facebook to look at those vacation photos your friends have uploaded or gotten onto Twitter to start tweeting away at trends. Oh and don’t even get me started about YouTube! Really can’t resist binge-watching those cute cat videos can you? I certainly can’t. Cats are awesome. Tumblr knows what’s up. How about Instagram? Let’s get to it later.

In a world of Kardashians,internet memes actually get more attention. Memes are nice. They’re funny. And you can’t stop yourself from sharing or tagging your friends in them,can you? It’s very addictive. Totally goes on to prove that pictures are indeed worth a thousand words,or more.

Out of the various social media platforms in use right now, Instagram is my favorite specially because I reach out to millions of users on it using Instagram mass DM services. Unless you’re literally living under a rock,it’s safe to assume you know what Instagram is. The fact that you’re reading this article gives me assurance of it. For the uninitiated,Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them either publicly or privately.

I wasn’t a huge fan initially,preferring Facebook over it.

“Why?” you’d say. For starters,I can upload photos to my Facebook profile too, and interact with friends there.

Why is instagram so popular?

Individuality : Instagram gives it’s users a chance to showcase themselves,be it through photos or videos. You get to show yourself for the creative person you are.

Social Element : Instagram also allows people to easily show off what they are doing to their friends like that fancy meal you’re having or what club you’re partying in. Photo Sharing apps really succeed at flattering the egos of their users. It’s a form of story-telling through photos.

Filters : Everyone wants to look good in public and Instagram’s Photo Filters do just that. Filters are basically photo-effects which enhance a photo,making you look better in them. Better the photos,more likes right?

It makes you feel good about yourself and all you had to do was apply a fancy filter. You feel like a professional photographer without any of the hard work that comes with the job. No wonder Instagram has such a large user base.

It literally takes you 3 taps to share your life with the world. And with a few  more taps,if configured right,your photos show up on all your social profiles. This is exactly why Instagram has rtotally taken off.

For the typical user,Instagram is only a photo sharing application. But to brands and companies? It’s an untapped source of potential consumers.